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Are you or your child marked off before stepping on the field?

Coaches check you or your child off quicker than you realize and even before stepping onto the field. The vast majority of players are marked off the coach's list of players to have on their team before the kids step onto the field for the following reasons.

1) Before Tryouts High School, College, and pros

- Actively been reached out to prior to tryouts by the players attending the tryouts. Tryouts have 200+ and sometimes even 500+ so it will be hard to stand out from the rest for most players; however, if you or your child reaches out via email or phone prior to the tryout and after they will keep an eye out for you. Make sure to provide info and photo to help.

- Has a good relationship with coaches and teammates. Coaches will call the coaches prior to finding out how you or your child is to coaches and their teammates.

- Grades average is high: preferably 3.2gpa and higher. This allows coaches to be able to help get your son or daughter an academic scholarship while being an athlete.

2) Parking lot interactions:

- Stands tall and has the energy to walk in. This shows confidence and alertness going into the tryouts.

- He/She carries their own bags, and equipment, and helps carry parents' stuff too. This shows they are personally responsible and serving.

- He/She has positive energy and interaction with his parents or guardians. Shows the athlete's ability to connect with others and the respect they have for adults.

- He/she interacts with other families and players while walking to the field. Shows they have a good standing relationship with teammate and their families.

- They walk in with their family and interact well with them. Shows families support in their child's journey.

3) Registration Interaction

- When approached by the coach, he/she shakes their hand, looks into the eyes, and carries the conversation while parents sit back and allow the kids to speak for themselves. Shows that child is responsible, self-aware, respectful, and can effectively communicate.

- Patient while waiting in line for check-in. shows their ability to trust the process and be patient with life and themselves.

- Follows the direction of the event and looks everyone in the eyes. This show they are respective to not other than their family, coaches, and teammate but to anyone they meet or speak with which shows volume to their character.

- Said please, thank you, and polite to the workers checking them in. This shows their manners and appreciation for others.

4) Dugout Interactions

- They introduce themselves to other players which shows their ability to make new friends and connect with new teammates.

- Respect other players' equipment which shows they have respect for their teammates and how much they value others.

- Organize their equipment and belongings, which shows that they are clean and organized.

These are the things coaches look for when they are seeking players and what they watch before any player steps onto the field. Set yourself up for success and start to install things good habits so you do not get checked off your dream school, team. or program.

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