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Boys to Men Camp

Our goal is to equip high school boys to become biblical men. They will understand how to take actionable steps to becoming and sustaining a strong foundation in Christ and be the man God calls them to be! May the boys you drop off leave our camp leading, serving, supporting, loving, and having a strong relationship with Christ!

Going to School

Drop off & Pick Up

Drop-off will be on Friday, January 5, 2024, for check-in. Lunch will be provided for the kids.

Drop-off time at 5 pm

Pick-up will be at

Pick-up will be on Sunday, January 7, 2024,  at 3 pm

Group of Friends

Biblical Man Study

We will dive into becoming a biblical man by reading the bible, covering the seven steps to becoming a biblical man, and fun activities to apply what the boys learn.


Fun Activities

During break time, the boys will get to go arching or horseback riding together on Saturday for a fun activity and then have free time to play pool, ping pong, basketball, and more.


Come to Our Event

Thank you for

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