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Our focus is on players development off and on the field.

Faith-based team, we play for God's glory! We will lead the team through God's expectations beyond baseball. Our core values are related to scripture and non-denominational Christian values.

Practices are focus on the development of the players ability to play on the field.

All Coaches are held to the standard of Christian values and expectations. All coaches have gone through the FCA 360 Coaches Training to be equipped to lead and coach players God's way.



Faith: Believe and trust in God, yourself, and your teammates.

Communicate: You must communicate with your teammates, coaches, parents, and most important God as you train and play.

Compete: It's one thing to show up and another to be present. Strive to do your best and to beat your personal best in all you do.

Effort: Give God your 100% effort. You may be able to hold back on coaches, parents, and teammates and get away with it but God sees and knows what you are capable of so give him your best and nothing less.

Attitude: Be a positive light in every situation and be slow to anger and quick to learn.

Love: Be a loving and kind person to everyone around you.


Assessment & Tryouts

 May 28th 5:30pm - 8pm at Calvary Baptist School in La Verne

Tournament Schedule:

- As an organization we will only attend one tournament a month.

Practice Schedule

- Every Tuesday 5:30 - 7:30 pm

- Every Thursday 5:30 - 8 pm

- Saturday practices: 8 am - 12 pm Once a month for kids to practice, family meetings and have fellowship over food.

Scrimmage Schedule:

We plan to have one scrimmage once a month with local teams


Once a month we do a coaches mentorship session with players to check in on how they are doing, how their experience with the team is, and check on their grades to make sure their putting their schooling as a priority. Kids are required to have a 3.0+ gpa to start in tournaments and scrimmages.

Investment Required:

Once a Year Entry Investment of $360+ Varies for Each Team

- 2 Baseball hats

- 1 Practice Shirts

- 1 Practice Short

- 1 Helmet

- Baseball Pants

- Jersey

- Insurance

- Coaches Pay

Monthly Team Dues of $160 per Month, which Includes:

- Academic Support

- Field & Facilities Fees

- Team Snacks

- Team Drinks

Tournament Fee, which has the following variations: Ranges from $40 - $75

- Which Tournament we decide to go to which all will be within 1 hour from La Verne

- How many families & players decide to go to the tournament



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